Physical therapy for optimal bone health

Karen is an experienced physical therapist specializing in osteoporosis prevention and bone health. With a focus on treating peri- and early menopausal women, her evidence-based methods are designed to optimize bone density and minimize risk of osteoporosis and fracture.
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Over the course of a woman’s life, the rate of bone loss is at its peak during the peri- and early post- menopausal years. Karen believes in early intervention in order to preserve bone density and minimize risk of developing osteoporosis. For those who’ve already been diagnosed with osteoporosis, she provides the tools to prevent falls, fracture, and postural issues. Areas of expertise: Identify patients at risk of developing osteoporosis Preventative care for those who’ve already been diagnosed with osteoporosis Multidimensional approach to optimize bone health and lower risk of fracture Posture improvement and ergonomic approaches Nutritional guidance Customized, evidence-based exercise prescription In Home and Telehealth Care Memberships: APTA The Menopause Society HSS Rehab Network Clinical Competency and Direct Access Provider Certifications: Yoga for Osteoporosis Basic Life Support (CPR)
Karen Hillman MS PT
Physical Therapist


  • Bone Health
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fracture prevention and healing
  • Postural Education
  • Preventative Care


  • Individualized Exercise prescription
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Yoga
  • Postural and Ergonomic Education to Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Preventative Care


“Karen Hillman treated me after foot surgery, working on balance, posture, gait, and strengthening exercises. She is an excellent, experienced, knowledgeable PT, and is a pleasure to work with.”

Patient, Nancy H

“Karen established a relationship of trust and confidence with my wife and me. She understands how to administer PT according to the needs and capability of her patients. We hold her in high regard. ”

Patient and Husband of Patient, Joel B

“Karen Hillman is a caring, empathetic, and highly trained physical therapist. I have always found her to be extraordinarily helpful. She has expertise in the correct alignment of yoga poses which has saved me from further injury for which I am very grateful.”

Judith G, Patient